Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Photographing Beatrice

I had the priviledge to photograph Beatrice yesterday, whom I have not seen since high school! I was so thrilled with the photographs we made together. I have so many favorites from the shoot, but I'll be posting only a couple (due to being on a very slow dial-up connection at the time of writing this post):

We made photographs in this field near St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Gilbert, SC. During the photoshoot, we noticed there was a deer in the field who accompanied us, but unfortunately it ran in the opposite direction once it knew it was not alone.

This is probably my favourite shot from the whole shoot. I love the mood of it. The light smiled on me greatly with this photograph.

I decided to shoot near the old barn we have back home after shooting in the field. I am trying to use it's failing structure as long as I can before it collapses since it is over 60 years old and for the 15 years my parents have owned this place, I have seen weather tear it down considerably. I believe even after it comes down, I'll be using it's spot for photographing.

Just for a random note, I am on break, so I currently have a PC laptop. I am missing my great iMac. Random note finished.

I hope to photograph Beatrice in the future! It was a blast.


PS: A great thanks also goes to my assistant, Heather V., during this shoot!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Look At How They Shine For You

Two nights ago I saw how beautiful the stars were and I decided to go out in the freezing cold to photograph them. The photograph below was my favorite from the whole night, and it was worth my fingers going numb. The exposure was about a minute and fifteen seconds, and in the last five seconds of the exposure, a shooting star (or flaring gas, whichever the two) shined across. You can see it in the middle of the frame. This is my first photographed shooting star, and I'll cherish it forever.


Friday, December 11, 2009

Assisting Photographer Clifton Parker

I had the great opportunity today to assist Clifton Parker. I highly recommend looking through his website and seeing his talent.

Below are some photographs taken behind the scenes:

MUA, Kaylin, with model, Valarie. I did not even know I was in the shot until I uploaded the images to my computer!

This is an up close shot of Valarie's hair completed.

When the stylist, Jamie Lin, arrived, I was thrilled to see her unpacking the suitcases of dresses and accessories. This was my favorite suitcase unveiled which is full of hats and other fascinating things. Indeed, that is a real bird made into a hat.

This staircase I immediately fell in love with. In the background is Kaylin touching up Valarie's makeup.

Kaylin, Jamie Lin, and Valarie conversing.

It was truly an honor to be in a room full of creative people. You can feed off of each other, and I could feel the inspiration filling up the room.

Before entering the right building (since I was lost at first), I went inside a building with this quote on the wall. I find it very fitting for today. Today was a great day.



Thursday, December 10, 2009

Photojournalism II final

For the past 8 weeks, I have been working on a multimedia piece about Stacy Pearsall for my Photojournalism II class at the Art Institute of Charleston in South Carolina. The video is 4 minute and 26 seconds long with video and stills. A great thanks goes to Stacy for the inspiration and everything she is. I'm so thankful to know such a great person especially since she was an amazing subject to do a project on! Enjoy.


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Lisa & Michael

The last time I photographed Lisa and Michael was in October 2007, and I've been wanting to photograph them again for quite sometime. Here is a photograph from the last time I photographed them:

This weekend, I got the chance to photograph them again as a graduation gift to Lisa (By the way, she'll be graduating from USC with a Bachelor's in Finance on Monday, December 14!) Below are my favorites from the shoot:

This is my absolute favorite from the shoot. The feel is timeless.

Lisa wasn't really acting for the photograph as she really was starting to get chilly in the cool weather.

One of the last shots of the shoot.

A classic cheesy shot, but I still love these couple shots.

This is probably one of my favorite sequence shots I've ever done. (please click to view larger)

I've always enjoyed photographing them together. To end this blog, I'd like to share what I wrote inspired by them when I photographed them in 2007, and it still holds true: "I'm sure some wonder how I'm able to take these photographs, but I simply love taking them, capturing couples in their own little moment. When I think about it, you would think I'd feel invasive, but as a photographer, you're with them. I like to think one day I'll be in their position, where another photographer will be there seeing how happy in love we are."



Monday, December 7, 2009

My Top Girls Back Home

My apologies on such a short blog.

This weekend, I got to photograph the top three girls of mine back home: Mama, Heather, and Lisa. All of these were my favorites, and I'll be having them to be critiqued to see if some can be included in my specialization portfolio. Wish me luck.