Friday, January 29, 2010

Forgotten Olar

I have been honored to go with Meg to a small town in South Carolina called Olar. This old tiny town seems forgotten, and it has been exciting to go through her old grandparents' house with her. This is a photograph of her I took during her self portrait shoot the last weekend I went with her. I made her laugh and got this moment:

This time, I decided to photograph some buildings near her grandparents' home.

The next photograph, or diptych I should say, I am really loving. I enjoyed the cobwebs which accessorizes many corners and curtains in the house.

Meg, I really have had so much fun going on these road trips to Olar. I hope to experience Olar even more!



Sunday, January 24, 2010

Insecurities Series

"Each one of us requires the spur of insecurity to force us to do our best." -Harold W. Dodds

Many of us have insecurities. We hide them as best as we can, or we hide them so well people do not even notice them. I had four beautiful and brave women to model for me who happen to be my friends as well. One I met on the internet a little over five years ago, one who has been best friends with her since childhood, one I have known since 5th grade and became best friends with in yearbook class of high school, and one who is her younger sister. This connection combines for all of us to have the strength to show what we consider our insecurities.

During this shoot, I found we all share parts of each other's insecurity. As I photographed each, I found it difficult for this insecurity to be a flaw about them. I found it even more difficult for this "flaw" they thought was an insecurity to be noticeable to the public. I am amazed to see how we see things about ourselves that we would want to change hinder the strength we have.

All together, I hope we found strength with all of this. We all had a pair of jeans on with a sheer curtain I grabbed from my main room and wrapped it around our bust area. Take into account it was about 40 degrees outside and windy. During this, I noticed how much my friends really do care about me and just how much they support me because the majority of them do not enjoy cold weather whatsoever.

(click to view larger)

I also collected quotes from each of us on how we felt about our insecurity or the shoot in general. These quotes are in order from left to right of the photos above:

"Ever since 4th grade, I have noticed what I consider a major flaw, and this is my tummy. I consider it a flaw because it has always lowered my self esteem. In so many years, I have tried to tell myself it is a part of me and I should love it. I'm beginning to realize I was born in the wrong era, as many women centuries ago who were curvy with a tummy were considered beautiful and goddess-like." -Des'ola

"I had no idea what I was doing. I feel awkward." -Alison Lea

"I can't do sexy." -Heather

"My life will never go according to my plan in my ideal timeline." -Lisa

"I won't wear spaghetti straps because of my manly shoulders." -Anslie

I have photographed all of these women previously except for Alison, which I applaud her even more since the first photo shoot we did together was of her in this state. I need to have her as a model more often.

What I love even more is how we all feel these insecurities in our bodies, but all of us accept each other and care for each other regardless. This photograph I put on self timer at the end of photographing them individually. I enjoy this one the most because of our faces. These are our classic selves and I see these faces many times when we are all just hanging out together. The awkward face or wide smile from a great laugh always surrounds us.

I hope everyone has friends like this. I am thankful to know these beauties. No matter where we are, I keep days like this close to my heart because they were hilarious. Two of us were not feeling great this day, including myself, and they gave me the strength to get some great shots of them.



Saturday, January 16, 2010

Taunie and Don

I had the honor to photograph Taunie and Don's wedding. I believe I have never photographed a wedding so stress free, regardless of the rainy day. It was beautiful and simple. The family was all easy-going. These were my favorites from the wedding:

Josie was the flower girl.

This is easily one of my favorite photographs I've ever made with a bride and groom. A by-chance and very fun shot!

I wish both of you many years and seasons of love and happiness. May they both always greet you every day. When I photographed your kiss, I photographed raw love. These are photographs I am so honored to be a part of. Thank you, Taunie and Don.



Friday, January 15, 2010

The Dirtiest Corner

For my Location Photography II class, we had an assignment where we had to illustrate a proverb. I chose the Irish proverb "An old broom knows the dirty corners best". I was very inspired, and chose my mom to model. These are my favorite three shots:

A great thanks goes to my mom for always being inspiring and supportive.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Attempting to Freeze the Stars

On January 5th, I decided to go out again at night and photograph the stars. It was around 31 degrees and dropping. I was outside for about an hour between 8-9 pm. I was very excited about these photographs, and these are my favorites. I am amazed how even if the trees are still (and myself trying to stay completely still but my body is still blurry), but the stars are blurred, showing how in just a small amount of time how Earth moves in just a minute or so.

This was done with a self timer using a flash and the bulb was on a 30 second exposure.

This is probably my favorite out of the shoot. I used a flash here and the exposure was about a minute and thirty seconds.

This photograph was used without flash, and probably around a minute exposure.

We can freeze ourselves with the cold winter weather and stand still for thirty seconds, but no matter how hard we try, we'll never be able to freeze the stars. I hope the passion I have in my heart will always mimic these stars.