Monday, April 26, 2010

Quick Connecticut Visit

This past weekend, I made a quick surprise visit to Connecticut. Most of these photographs are made in Watch Hill, RI, where I experienced being on a northern beach for the first time in my life. It was quite the experience. Every time I visit up there, I find another new beautiful thing. I am so thankful for my boyfriend, not just for being him, but because of him, he has given me a connection to many amazing and inspiring people. These are my favorite photographs made:

This was made during the flight from Detroit, MI, to Providence, RI. I was in love with the sky for the hours I was up with it.

Driving through road construction traffic in Mystic, CT, I found this Siamese cat soaking up the sun in a window sill, and I captured a photo of it. I wanted to photograph it again, and by the time I turned around, it had already left.

I am unsure where this cemetery is, but I can tell you it is somewhere in Connecticut near Mystic. I really liked the mausoleum, which was the initial reason I entered the cemetery.

A close up of the mausoleum.

Lacy's feet in the sand of Nappatree Beach in Watch Hill, RI.

This is a photograph of beautiful Frances Mileski (we call her Fran). She's a great photographer and has such a similar style to mine.

The large and expensive houses on the shore of Nappatree Beach.

This is the Watch Hill lighthouse. I was very happy to get close to it and make a photograph.

This is Fran making a photo of me making a photo of her.

I believe I'd like to stay at the Ocean House. It is absolutely gorgeous, and I would have posted the full view of it, but it was currently under construction, and I wanted to give this beautiful place justice in my blog!

This photograph was made with my point and shoot camera (my dslr was in my bag that I couldn't quickly get out on the plane). It was right before the sun said good night and the whole sky looked like it had a blanket of light blue fleece.

No matter where you go, find the places and people who inspire you and keep them close.



Sunday, April 18, 2010

My Girls Back Home

Due to a model backing out, I filled in for my group photo shoot. In the end, this turned out to be one of my favorite photographs I have with two of my best friends and I. I knew this shoot would mean a great deal to me because at the time, only two of us knew the other was being proposed to not even 24 hours later (congratulations Lisa and Michael). These photographs symbolize a change for us. A great change which I hope for all of our lives will be more beautiful even if our individual ones are taking different courses. For this, I am again thankful for photography and how it brings my friends... my family together.

Here are my favorite shots:

This blog is especially dedicated to my two beautiful best friends, Heather and Lisa. I thank you for everything you are and have been. Your support has meant so much to me throughout the years. Even in the beginning you were my strong models. You always will be. Thank You.



Sunday, April 11, 2010

Another Southern Roadtrip

My main challenge for the next few weeks will be architecture and product photography, but products will come later. On Saturday, April 10, my mother and I took a journey into the country again, going as far as Edgefield, SC (if you're going on a straight drive there, it's 45 minutes, but since we're stopping for photographs, it took the whole afternoon). I wanted some southern architecture which really jumped out at me, and I am having difficulty in finding things which truly catch my eye and go beyond the beauty of the south, which even I myself am having to push myself to see since in the past I found the south ordinary.

I think my challenge with architecture will be to get up close and to have the main subject to be what architecture photography is supposed to be about and not the whole location; however, I still hope this photograph can find its place in my general portfolio.

Another big challenge, since I am sticking with the south for both of my portfolios, is trees and flowers in the way of my photos (architecture mainly). I have no problem with working them in with portraiture and location, but for this genre of photography, I think it is frowned upon. I hope I can mold my style into architecture.

One of the main things that popped in my head when I thought about going out and finding southern architecture was a simple church (or extravagant, I'm open for options). This church I have seen before, located in Ward, SC, and the thing that attracts me are the doors, but I tried to get myself to back up and make a direct photograph of the church. There was a power line and night light attached to this church, but it was removed in post-processing along with a propane tank which used to be in the below photograph. This church is apparently a nice part of Ward County because a Captain, Captain Clinton Ward to be exact, is buried there along with his wife, Martha, and daughter, Josephine. He was a state representative, laid out and planned the town which is now called Ward, and a prominent landowner.

This location is right beside the church photographed above.

Of course this photograph isn't architecture, but I found these cows interesting as I have never seen a cow with this large of horns, and I have been around cattle almost all of my life. I ended up going through some briers in a dress to capture these shots, but worth it.


The day before, Friday, April 9, before going home I found a beautiful collard greens field in full yellow bloom. I am so very Thankful I decided to stop and make some photographs because not even 24 hours after these photographs, the field was being plowed down for another crop to be planted.

I wasn't sure if I liked the color or black & white best, so I am posting both. These were made during a tornado watch:



Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sean and Heather in Spring

It has been a while since I have done a photo shoot of Sean London, Heather's son. I have had the amazing privilege to be photographing him since the womb, and I've watched him grow. He, to me, is my sand in an hourglass, letting me know how time grows and runs away and into you, with or without you. If and when I have a kid, I hope to have one just as photogenic as he is. Here are my favorites of him and my best friend, Heather:

This could possibly be one of my favorite off moments I've ever captured with the subject, camera, and I combined. This is Sean's true emotion of getting tiresome, but later I assured him if I had permission to make more photos of him, he would get a homemade chocolate chip cookie. Conclusion: he enjoyed a cookie with milk after the shoot.

I did not direct Sean into the position he was in, but I found it absolutely perfect for the shot.

These photographs represent the Spring I want to have where it is beautiful and peaceful. My Spring consists of dry nostrils, coughing throats, and pollen coated every things.