Friday, September 24, 2010

Anslie in Store Ruins

As a belated birthday gift, I photographed Anslie in downtown Batesburg, SC. I found an opening in between two stores. I'm sure many go by this numerous times and never noticing it. I found this place one morning when I was with Mama running errands, and despite of restaurant trash bins in the front of this, I thought of this as a great photograph opportunity. Mama told me this used to be a dime store, similar to Walgreen's without the food section. Here are my favorite photos from photographing Anslie in her new outfit:

This is a pose (especially the way the arms are) I use in a lot of my full body self portraits.

Thank you, Anslie. You were a beautiful model for this scenario!


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Alison Lea with a Bay-Beh Belly

I've been honored to photograph three beautiful pregnant women this week, one of them being a great friend. Alison is one to have the crazy face in our photographs with friends, but I got her in an element of bohemian feel with a taste of looking Native American. Alison is due around November 18th.

This is one of my favorite images I've done, due to the concept of it.

Thank you, Alison, for sharing these moments with me and with others to see!


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Zarah very soon-to-be Mommy

I had the opportunity to photograph Zarah again before she gave birth to Niko. He is expected on the 30th, and he is already in the position to enter the world, so we're awaiting! In the meantime, I am thankful he is decided to stay in this morning, haha. Here are my favorites from the shoot:

I am very happy with this image, as I wanted to play with the abstraction.

Zarah and I both share the love of Polaroids, so I created a couple of the images into the beloved style.

Zarah, I wish you well! I look forward to seeing Niko's face in a little over a week, if not sooner!


Monday, September 20, 2010

Pregnant Abi

This past weekend I had the pleasure of meeting Abi and making a few shots with her. The previous weekend I photographed her husband, comic artist J.S. Lee. If I become a mother, I hope I have the pregnant body as beautiful as Abi's. Below are my favorite photos from the shoot:

Abi with Alexander.

An outtake I really liked, so I decided to process it and post it. :)


Sunday, September 5, 2010

Lacy's Aunt Debbie

Photography always holds a special place in my heart, but when I was looking through these images and thinking about when I was creating these early this morning, it brought me a comfort knowing I hold photographs of my loved ones so dear. Time slips, fades, and approaches slowly and quickly, usually not in the speed or slow we'd like it to. I want to keep laughter and memories in my mind forever, but just in case it wants to fade, I do hope I have my photographs still to share and remember. I hope with my photography, those who are in them and who see them also see the beautiful power of photography.

The three sisters and brother have not been together for 11 years. This was my favorite of them, catching them in a laugh.

As they were talking with one another and other family members behind me, I kept photographing and loved the faces, so I had to take a few and post.

The three sisters together.

My favorite. When Debbie's husband of about 30 years sat down with her, I hoped to put in a photograph what I visioned.

Debbie, it was a beautiful honor to photograph you and your family coming together. Just being. You remind me much of my Great Aunt Thera. You have a Southern grace about you, prim and still. Stay beautiful, for always. No matter where I go, I will remember this shoot. You gave me a smile to know what I love gives others a great memory to keep and visualize. I got to photograph togetherness with love. For that, I Thank You.