Sunday, March 27, 2011

USS Missouri Sailor & His Girl

I believe Fitz would love to know he is actually the first military service member I have photographed in a photo shoot of mine. It was an honor this weekend to photograph Fitz (first name is actually Travis) and his beautiful girlfriend, Michelle. They're the couple you are Thankful to photograph because the love they have for one another just seeps through their images. These next five images are some of my favorites:

Little did I know the balcony they are on had absolutely NO floor. I had no idea of this until I went up and said we could change locations. They are absolute troopers for making this shot with me balancing on the edges.

Why yes, they are on a pedestal.

There were smiles I was looking through during post-processing that are some of the truest I've ever seen. I hope love is always this beautiful for them.


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Alma & Blythe

Alma and Blythe have been great friends since middle school. It was great photographing such lovely and beautiful ladies. I am also thankful the peach orchard I love so much was in perfect Spring blooming to photograph in as well. Below are just some of my favorite images from the shoot. I have so many to pick from, which I always feel fortunate to say when it is difficult for me to narrow down to a few images from a photo shoot!:

I wanted to end this blog with an amusing photo. I do not think I have seen a photo like this before. These old tubs are at my parents' house at the oldest barn on our property back home, and whenever I can, I try to photograph with them. Rustically sexy.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Meg & Chip Cooley's Wedding

This wedding (03/05/2011) was so very Meg, and I am so grateful I got to photograph it. Our styles are extremely similar, and everything about this wedding was just darling. Again, congrats Meg & Chip, but I believe you're more looking forward to seeing a preview of what I just finished editing than me rambling. Here is a small preview:

This was in the room Meg & Chip would spend their first night as husband & wife. I simply loved the vintage history in this very spot.

Meg's centerpieces were brilliant. With each table, she had small framed photos of the couples in her and Chip's family (I believe I have this correctly). This being shown was their table.

Maid of Honor (Julie, Meg's sister) with her fabulously painful yellow heels and bridal party's bouquets.

I can't express how much I love this photo. This is Meg signing her wedding license, curlers and all.

I must admit, this is my favorite "The Kiss" I have ever captured/seen. There was so much love with this moment.

A moment within their First Dance.

The father-daughter dance always makes me tear up; however, their dance gave me tears along with smiles. It was beautiful seeing her father, Keith, dance his little girl on her wedding day with such grace and happiness.

A beautiful wedding. A beautiful couple. A beautiful day to last for many smiles to come.


Saturday, March 12, 2011

Bridal Portraits of Lisa

I have known Lisa since 2003. We actually met online as we exchanged poetry since we wrote a lot in our teen years. Eight years later (yes, 8!), I had the beautiful privilege to photograph her bridal and engagement portraits and also was in her wedding today to see her wed her love, Michael Katsos. I now have the great opportunity to share my favorite bridal portraits we made together:

Lisa, you were classy and elegant when I photographed these, and you glowed today as a classically elegant bride today. I'm sorry I had tears in my eyes as I saw you walk down the steps as Jesse was about to give you away, but it's funny how in that small little moment all of our memories of our friendship just flashed as you took each step to your love. I do wish you & Michael so much love each day you have together. I'm glad I call y'all my great friends. I look forward to seeing how the future grows for all of us. Congratulations, dear bride. You did it.


Saturday, March 5, 2011

Bridal Portraits of Meg

Today I had the treasure of photographing Meg & Chip Cooley's wedding in Yemassee, SC. Back in January, I photographed Meg's bridal portraits. I had so many beautiful photographs to choose from and thankful I had such a difficult time picking out favorites. These images are the ones that made the cut for me.

(from left to right: Her grandmother's wedding dress, her wedding dress, Her fiance's grandmother's wedding dress)

I am truly loving this pairing of the grandmothers' dresses. In fact, I didn't really pose her in these and I love her stances.

Meg's Classically beautiful shy smile.

Meg, you bring tears to my eyes as I am so thankful to have photographed you in your dress that seems to have been made for you. I am so anxious to process your wedding photographs from today, but my eyes are exhausted from all the beauty it brought. Thank You for who you are and stay beautiful. Chip is so Blessed.