Monday, May 30, 2011

Alma & Beatrice: The Koon Twins

I had the honor to photograph Alma and Beatrice together when I was back in South Carolina. It is always great to photograph these short beautiful women, as they should be models. Well, they ARE models to me! I always have such difficulty narrowing down photographs for them when I post-process, and I'm Thankful to have that! These are my favorites!

The next four photographs were made in a cemetery in my hometown. I know plenty of cemeteries in and around where I grew up, but I never knew of this one which holds the first mayor of Batesburg. They had a great eye for this location!

At this location, a very quaint little church, we experienced probably my most humorous/best awkward situation. I have received plenty of car honks, cars slowing down (even guys putting their trucks in park and me having to tell them they need to leave), cars slowing down then seeing a camera phone taking a photo of what's going on, but what I'm about to type took the cake. A truck passed this church with a guy hanging out the window yelling, "Praise the Lord!!" to those gorgeous twins. I won't forget that, haha. I also want to point out these ladies have some great gams!

I love the feel of this image so much.

Alma, your eyes make this photo. I'm very happy with this image we made together.

Girls, it is always wonderful to photograph y'all, and I look forward to our next photography adventure. Stay beautiful.


Friday, May 27, 2011

The Lindlers

I have photographed the Lindlers' little girls, Allysen & Adalyn, before, but this time I got the chance to photograph the whole Lindler family. I couldn't believe how much the girls had grown in less than a year, which made me realize to cherish the times with loved ones that much more (that is a lot of cherishing, seriously!!). Here are my favorites from their shoot:

Ashley & Zach Engagement Shoot

This couple is proof that blind dates can work out beautifully. I went to school with Ashley as early as elementary school, remembering her with her spiral curly hair and thinking it was great someone was as short as I was. I have the honor to be photographing her wedding in December, so I truly look forward to photographing their special day. Here are some of my favorites from their shoot at her parents' house {as I was requested to photograph at this location}. Enjoy!:

Absolute favorite photograph in this shoot. Thanks for being so patient in the beating down sun's heat and dry field!!

They are avid football fans, and they had to sport off their favorite teams' jerseys.

Ashley, I definitely look forward to photographing you in your special wedding gown in the Fall. Congratulations again!


Friday, May 13, 2011

Trenton the 4 Year Old

This little boy certainly gave me a challenge behind the camera, especially photographing in the morning! He was everywhere, always looking for something new and exciting. If I had even a 1/10th of this kid's energy, I would be amazed at what I would get done! Here are some of my favorites of our shoot as a surprise for his dad for Father's Day:


Monday, May 9, 2011

JT the 5 Year Old

Carissa decided to surprise her boyfriend by doing a photo-shoot of his son, JT, for Father's Day (yes, it is about a month off, but she's being smart by getting it done early & also making a canvas from her favorite photo!). JT is quite the polite 5 year old, saying thank you and giving me dandelion flowers throughout the shoot. These are my favorites from it!:

We did an evil trick by telling JT to open the door ...knowing the door was locked, but this expression was well worth the trickery to a little boy!

Thanks, Carissa, and I hope the boyfriend loves these photos and I look forward to seeing the canvas!



Sunday, May 8, 2011

Alice in Harkness

This weekend I had the privilege to photograph a girl who also happens to be in the Navy (rock on!). This was also the first time I photographed in Harkness Park where everything was blooming and it wasn't all dead and freezing. Alice was wonderful to photograph, and I believe I did express her free style and spirit through these images! Here are just some of my favorites from the lovely shoot:

I do hope Alice forgives me for posting this, but I wanted to share this moment. Somehow I captured right where her ankle twisted from the very uneven stepping rocks. She was graceful though when I asked if she was alright and she said she was completely fine and got right back up. She's got guts.

I could not choose between this black & white and style, so I decided to post both. The black & white version is now on the website.

I love this image out of focus so much (right off the camera too!)

Just knowing Alice for a couple of hours, I'd have to say this could probably be classically her.

Thanks Alice!!


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Farrah's Cannes Festival Dress

My friend, Farrah, won a sweepstakes to go to the Cannes Festival in France this month, and I helped her pick out a dress for this beautiful opportunity. I had the honor to also photograph her in this lovely dress. I also did her hair, which is always nice when I can do styles on beautiful hair. At first, the location I wanted was at an old mental institution, but it had 'No Trespassing' signs everywhere, so this was a no-go. Instead, I chose Erickson Park in Groton, CT. Here are my favorites from the shoot:

Thank you, Farrah!