Friday, February 3, 2012

Piper turns ONE

It was great getting to photograph Piper again. In her baby glory, she didn't do what her mom and I planned on her doing, which was to smash her delicious cake. Instead, it ended up being a beautiful prop. Here are my favorites from the shoot:

I am realizing all babies do not like crispy grass, but we still got a beautiful shot of her here.

Love these lil' bottoms :)

Hello milk coma. Breastfeeding mothers have great weapons.

Happy 1st Birthday to you, Piper! :)


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Expressive RJ at Six Months Old

I was honored when I was told Denise, his grandmother, wanted me to photograph her grandson. RJ has the most prominent eyebrows I have ever seen on a baby, and he certainly knows how to use them! Don't believe me? Simply look at these images and believe.

Thumbs up? Thanks, RJ!

Yeah, you're excited you are in a dog-earred beanie!


My favorite image from the whole shoot.

Thank you so much for letting me photograph such a photogenic baby! I love being a photographer, and this is one of the many reasons.