Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The McKenna Families at Harkness

The McKenna's are another family which have been repeat clients and will be missed. I've gotten to photograph their family with Jennifer's sister's family a couple years ago at a local orchard, and this past weekend I photographed them with Michael's brother's family. Here are some of my favorites from their session.

Thank you for letting me photograph y'all at least one more time!


Thursday, March 26, 2015

Two Week Old Timothy K.

For those who are up to date with my blog: Do you remember the last home birth I photographed? Mama and the family are doing wonderfully. The baby, Timothy, is already two weeks old! When I arrived at the family's house, he already looked bigger. He was a wonderful subject, and believe it or not he was fighting sleep until the last bit of the session. Here are some of my favorites from our newborn session together:

Abigail, it was wonderful seeing you and your lovely boys again. Thank you!


The Danner Family

The Danner's are another family I'll miss as they were a returning client for several events. Lindsay was also the one to keep my hair fresh (mostly with my red) when I couldn't go to SC for several months. It's been great photographing their family when they welcomed Rylan and Koen into the world. Here are just a few of my favorites from their session this past weekend:

Thank you, Lindsay and Thomas!


Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Ellers Family

This family is another I have been fortunate to photograph through the years I have lived in Connecticut. They're another where it was bittersweet to photograph this session because it's the last, or it will be the last for a long time since we're moving. We got to photograph in their beautiful backyard where they still had some nice snow. Here are just some of my favorites from their session!!

For their full family photograph (with Great Dane, Lizzie Lou included),
I decided to add an oil painting effect to it. 

Thank you Val for letting me photograph your family. Air hugs!


Thursday, March 12, 2015

Laura's Mini Session

In my head, I've known Laura as the pretty makeup lady. I had secretly hoped to photograph her before I left the area, and I had my chance this week! Funnily enough, I chose our location for the mini to be basically in my backyard. I think it worked out well!

Thank you, Laura!! 


Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Abigail's Home Birth with Timothy Robert

PLEASE NOTE: These are images of a home birth. I was lucky enough to have the permission of the mother to post these and share with others, so I expect respectful and open-minded viewers. I have processed these to black and white in consideration, but if you feel if you may somehow be offended or disturbed by these images, DO NOT read further or scroll. Thank you.


Back and forth, Abigail and I for a week or two talked about how she felt like she was about to give birth, then to no avail she was back to normal. Then, I got a call around 2am saying it was happening. I only had about two hours of sleep at the time, and groggily I drove myself to a room to build my adrenalin and reflect on how the woman's body is miraculously strong and courageous. Unless you have seen a woman in labor or been a woman in labor yourself, I do not feel like you can fathom how wonder-FULL  the female body is with bringing Life to the world. I may not have given birth or carried a child myself, but photographing and seeing a woman in the process of bringing her child into this world is amazing. Hats off to every mother. 

These are my favorites of the progress of Abigail's birthing experience:

The father was a wonderful birthing coach. The love of their marriage
was certainly shown during this momentous time. 

My favorite of the mother during a contraction.

Father cuts the umbilical cord of his new son. 

A sincere congratulations to the family. Abigail, you will be remembered for many seasons in my photography career. I wish you much happiness with your love and family!